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Classic Cadillacs were just made to be seen and adored by the public! Something about their flamboyant design, sensual curves and glittering chrome trim both fascinates and excites people, which is why the Cadillac is chosen to appear on-screen and in promotional displays.

The Cadillac here at American Car hire is perfect for specialist TV, Film, advertising, music videos and promotional services. The perfect colour combination of gloss white over metallic dark pink makes the car stand out just as it should.

The day before filming and even on the day itself, the car is thoroughly cleaned inside and out, polished and mechanically checked to make sure it’s looking and driving its very best. When filming, we work closely with cameramen, directors and producers to make sure that the shoot is of the highest quality. A professional courteous service is our trademark and we make sure the Cadillac fulfills all your requirements.

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